The loose ends of the wire and the sharp tips are left exposed...

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...causing snags, tangles, tears to clothing, and injuries to the installers which delays installation times.

...however, the conspicuous staples will permanently disfigure the wire and slats, creating a flaw in the aesthetics.

The staples are prone to corrosion and decay and will eventually fail.

The  Knuckle HeadTM  selvage is achieved on the weaving machine similar to the typical selvage process; then piercing, or pressing into the slat and embedding the sharp ends of the wire into the slat.

The Indisputable Certainty

The  Knuckle HeadTM  selvage eliminates the third, and most vulnerable component of the fence which are the staples, by utilizing the selvage, and the sharp tips of the chain link wires to secure the Pre-Inserted Slats into place. The selvage is utilized for more than just retaining the integrity of the chain link, the Knuckle HeadTM  system gives the selvage an extra task, and by doing so it enhances the aesthetics of the fence.

Certainly Knuckle HeadTM is more efficient for the manufacturers by eliminating the stapling mechanism during manufacturing. And it is far better for the installers by eliminating the dilemmas and injuries caused by snags and tangles.​

Most importantly, it is better and safer for the consumers.   

The fully functioning selvage for chain link with pre-inserted slats

Knuckle HeadTM  selvage secures the slats into the chain link at two places; at the top and at the bottom, eliminating the need for staples.

Securing the slats into the chain link is necessary to keep them from shifting upward or downward...

When compared to  Knuckle HeadTM    typical selvages are inadequate, unsafe, and burdensome. Let's take a look at the hazards and

obstacles identified by installers and contractors:

Manufacturing of chain link with pre-inserted slats is made easier.

A fully functioning selvage, offering unprecedented expediency in manufacturing and installation, by reducing the dilemmas and injuries which are commonly associated with chain link fence with pre-inserted slats. The Knuckle HeadTM  selvage improves the quality of the fence, adding  extraordinary safety features, and improved aesthetics.


With  Knuckle HeadTM  the sharp and loose ends of the wire are

eliminated; which means no more snags or tangles, greatly reducing 

injuries to the handlers and installers.

Manufacturing is made more efficient by eliminating the staple machine.

Simply Stated:  
Knuckle HeadTM  is easier to manufacture, and safer and easier to install

Knuckle Head is a proprietary system which is protected by a patent at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. ​ Patent Application Number: 62528577

Shop Drawings for Specifiers and Contractors ​

What's so different?

With no sharp and loose wires, and no staples, the Knuckle HeadTM   provides a fence that is easier to distribute and install without snags, tangles, and without injuries.

* Manufacturing procedures may vary. The examples of Pre-Slatted Chain Link shown here are

from various manufacturers and are not intended to disparage the manufacturers in any way.

The Pre-Slatted Chain Link fence has been an Industry Standard for many decades, and is widely accepted as a top quality product.

The developers of The Knuckle Head acknowledged that the standard selvage systems used

are outdated because of the growing popularity of the Pre-Slatted Chain Link, and do not intend to discredit the manufacturers.

We recognize that the manufacturers generally provide a quality product to the consumers.